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    invest in hope campaign

    invest in hope, a capital campaign...and more


    It seemed a little silly at the time.


    Our neighbors had given us three Blue Spruce trees. Actually, they were three seedlings that might one day become trees. My wife is a masterful gardener so she knew how to plant, space and care tor them.  They were barely 6 inches tall and it was hard for me to imagine they would survive the winter! That was 20 years ago and there is no mistaking them as trees now. One is more than 15 feet tall and I know they will provide shade, shelter and beauty for generations to come.


    I've been thinking about those trees as we begin our Invest in Hope campaign. Churches are a lot like trees. Both start small. They both need a long-term mindset and it can be hard to imagine what they will become. Both are investments in a future not yet seen for people not yet known.


    I wonder if those who planted this church almost 30 years ago could have forseen all the ways New Hope would bless its community? I know none of it would have happened if they hadn't.


    That's why I am excited about "Invest in Hope." In ways that we can't imagine, the effects of what we do today will bless people in the future. It may be hard to see right now. It may be difficult to imagine the lives that will be touched. It may even seem a little silly to go to all this work and effort for something that doesn't bring immediate results. Perhaps it is, but the only thing sillier would be not to.


    One plants, another waters, but God gives the growth.



    Invest in Hope Prayer


    God of all people


    Thank you for your faithfulness

    andabundant belssings

    through the years.


    We seek to grow in our faith,

    and shine as beacons of your

    lightand hope to your world.


    We came boldly before your

    throne asking that your vision for

    New Hope be our vision.


    Grant us wisdom and discernment

    to be good stewards of the

    resources you provide.


    In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

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