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Church Phone: 303-660-0057

Preschool Phone: 303-663-6077

Service Times: 9:00 & 10:45


     music & arts

    The Arts can be transparent to the Divine in ways where concepts cannot. We attempt to enable an environment that enlivens arts of the past and encourages new creations. We are made in the image of the creator …we have the same stuff as the one who set the stars to whirling. Creating then, is as natural as breathing. If we look with 'sacred eyes' we will find the presence of God everywhere ... even in the most unexpected places. We enable a widening variety of musical styles in formational worship.

    sanctuary deco

    Environment is a not-so-obvious and critical part of ‘formational’ worship. It’s more than whether the lights are on and the temperature is comfortable and pretty decorations. What if the worship environment was symbolic, ‘artful’ and transparent to the presence of the divine? Interested in helping form the visual impact of the worship environment?



    small ensembles


    All groups are by ‘audition’


    - The Other Side

    - Brass Ensemble

         - Woodwind Quintet

    - String Quartet

    - The Castle Rock Community Ringers (Handbells)

    - Various soloists and one-time ensembles



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