A Traditional Christmas?


Will this year be a traditional Christmas? Probably not, but is that a bad thing? 


Christmas traditions can make this season wonderful. They can also be oppressive.  Traditions can be foundations upon which we build new memories, but they can also be anchors that hold us back. When the celebrations of today are constantly measured against the past, then traditions no longer inspire, but imprison us.  


Our traditions weren’t always ‘traditional.’ Before they became much-loved "traditions," singing Silent Night, Fir Trees, Manger Scenes and Christmas Carols (even Santa Claus!) were all once new. They broke the "traditions" of their day and often were not welcomed.  


It turns out, Christmas is more resilient than we think.  


It's likely this Christmas will be different from all others. Some treasured traditions won't be observed. That doesn’t mean disaster, just "different." Rather than judge it by how well it conforms to the past, it might be better to simply accept and appreciate this year’s Christmas as it comes. Who knows, something you do this year out of necessity may become a tradition in the future? 


Resiliency at Christmas is itself a tradition! 



What tradition will you miss this year? Which new tradition might you be starting? 

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