Afraid of the Dark?


Sometimes it seems as if Christmas is afraid of the dark. More than lights- everywhere, music, movies, and even news must be ‘upbeat.’ Anything “dark” is banished until the new year.  


On one hand, it is understandable. The focus, after all, on the Light of the World coming into the world. Darkness is often associated with Evil or Chaos. Who needs that? 


It turns out, Christmas does. 


Christmas was born in the dark. Darkness is a part of Christmas precisely because darkness is a part of Life. If we banish all darkness from Christmas, we miss a good portion of its power. Christmas isn't afraid of the dark, it was created for it. 


People in times of loss feel the result. When everything must be shiny and bright, there is little tolerance for sickness, grief, death, or sorrow, or the people going through it.  They become Christmas ‘projects,’ and the focus is to make them merry, too.  Isn't it ironic that the occasion we observe there was 'no room' for Christ, the people who need it most find there is no room for them, either? * 


*I’m grateful for our Longest Night service, created for those in a season of loss.  The focus is not on ‘fixing’ but walking through the darkness together. Join us in the sanctuary at 7:00 tonight or watch a pre-recorded service online.  



Where are the dark places in your life that need to be acknowledged this season?  

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