All Saints Day

There are "Saints" and then there are "saints".  


The capital “S” Saints have gone through a vetting process to determine whether their life sufficiently reflects the nature and character of God. The process is called canonization. Mother Theresa "passed" and became Saint Teresa. No surprise there. 


There is no formal recognition for small “s” saints, but these are the ones who typically have the biggest impact on our personal lives. Teachers, neighbors, grandparents, and co-workers; the lists are as varied as there are people. Their generosity, faithfulness, courage, and kindness, echo through us long after they are gone. They might be surprised at such news, which just endears them to us even more.   


The premise of All Saints Day is that none of us got here by ourselves. God blesses us best through the lives of other people. It's not a bad idea from time to time to pause and celebrate them and the goodness they left in their wake. If that leads us to consider the legacy of our lives, all the better. To imagine the blessings we might leave behind could be the happiest surprise of all.  


Perhaps that is the point.   



Who are the people whose lives have blessed you? What were the qualities and characteristics that still echo into your life?

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