Alone? Together?

person sitting and looking at sky; image to accompany Alone? Together? blog post from New Hope, a church in Castle Rock, CO

If you want to go fast, go alone

If you want to go far, go together


We’ve all heard this maxim, but it’s a false choice.


There are times to go alone. Breakthroughs in science, the arts, and moments in history are often singular. Other times require going together. The Webb telescope is a breathtaking achievement made possible only through countless teams working across continents, nationalities, and disciplines.


Moses is a case study of “alone” and “together” in the same life. Both were needed and neither was sufficient by itself.


Moses had a unique connection with God and a singular vision for the future. (Alone) Then he spent the next 40 years shepherding a group of people around a desert to make that vision a reality. (Together)


Both involved a wilderness. Each required its own kind of courage.


January is a time to assess where we have been and where we are going, next. It requires prayerful discernment, careful listening, and courage.


In the end, the goal is not simply to go “fast” or “far,” but to walk the path that is calling your name, now.



Which path is calling you to step out alone, right now? Which is calling you to go together?

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