Another Route for 2022?

Nobody goes through Christmas unchanged. Beginning with Mary and Joseph, to the Magi who returned home, "by another route," an encounter with the incarnate Word of God changes people.

Advent and Christmas still challenge us. They challenge forever the way we view:

God: God is not as some distant Deity whose attention we have to catch and favor we have to curry. We don't need to get God's attention; the birth of Christ is God's way of getting ours.

Others: We know longer get to hold some in high regard and ignore others because of their social standing, accomplishments, or influence. The Good News of Christ came to- and through, “the least” to reveal God's favor on ALL people.

Ourselves: We don't change so God will love and accept us. God's love is what allows - and motivates, us to change. There is nothing we can do to make God love us more...or less (Rohr.)

If the past season has only left us exhausted, we missed the point. If it has left us unchanged, then Christmas isn't finished with us, yet.


What “new routes” is God nudging you to take in response to Christmas?

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