New Hope blog posts from 2022


It was one of those “moments” in worship, completely unplanned and unmistakably holy.  A two-year-old was being baptized, that was proceeding as planned, until the end. I knelt to give her the blessing at eye level.  

Where are you working to convince people that you are something you are not? What’s the cost? 

Hate is easy. It marinates in resentment and lives for revenge. Yet nothing good comes from hate, only death. Life requires love. 

Throughout history, good people could have made a difference if they had said or done something. Instead, too many good people chose to stay silent...

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. We’ve all heard this maxim, but it’s a false choice.

The promise of solitude is not to ignore the storms of life. They are real and in their wake is destruction. The hope is not to hide from them but experience them at different depths.


The season of languishing is a reminder of our own limitations, and an invitation to do things that are healthy, even (especially?) when our response is “Meh.” 

Some people make new resolutions each year. If that works for you, read no further. Happy New Year!


Instead of resolutions, I find it helpful to craft evocative questions.

My mornings always start better when I have a cup of coffee. There is something about a jolt of caffeine that helps me wake up and be ready for whatever is next.

Nobody goes through Christmas unchanged. Beginning with Mary and Joseph, to the Magi who returned home, "by another route," an encounter with the incarnate Word of God changes people.

Here is a poem I found meaningful this season from an author I find meaningful in every season...

Wise words from Henri Nouwen. I think he could just as easily be talking about a Person of Hope...

Sometimes it seems as if Christmas is afraid of the dark. More than lights- everywhere, music, movies, and even news must be ‘upbeat.’ Anything “dark” is banished until the new year.  

Some people get offended when I say, "We invented Christmas." 

Hear me out. 

It is tempting to think the essence of spirituality is to detach ourselves from our surroundings. I have found the opposite to be true. 

The difference between what many today say is unprecedented and what the Bible says is new, is our lack of imagination- or courage. Or both.  

We all say we want a more sane, meaningful, and joyous Christmas season, but old habits are hard to break.