Cruel Deception or Divine Hint?

The Invitation of Hope raises an important question: Is it True? 


This quote from Andrew Greeley sums it up well.  


"We may rationally reject the hope and confidence at the core of our being; it may well be a deception, the last trick, the ultimate deception of a vindictive, cruel and arbitrary universe. But the decisive religious question, perhaps the only religious question that really matters, is whether that hope which is at the center of our personality is cruel deception or whether it is a hint of an explanation, a rumor of angels, the best insight we have into what human life is all about." ~ Andrew Greeley 


There are good reasons for rejecting Hope. It doesn’t make sense and seems to fly in the face of reality. And yet… 


Perhaps the only thing more foolish than living in Hope, is not. 



If Hope is the ‘best insight we have to what human life is all about,’ how will that effect the arc of your day?

Hope gets a bad name because it is confused with Wishful Thinking: passive, feckless, and the stuff of dreams. 

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