Give Peace a Chance

Peace is a big word at Christmas, so why does it seem so elusive? 


It almost seems like the harder we try to arrange (control?) the outward circumstances (Trees, Gifts, Lights, Travel, etc.). less likely we are to find it.  


We all know people whose lives look picture perfect but are miserable. We also know people who are enduring terrible circumstances (divorce, illness, loss of job, chaos in the family, or even death) who somehow exude a tranquil sense of unshakeable inner peace. 


Clearly, Peace has much less to do with our outward circumstances than our inner orientation. On my best days, I believe that, and I suspect you do, too. But I’m not always good at living what I say I believe- especially at Christmas.  


This Advent I will try to fret a little less about the lights on my house and work a little more about the orientation of my heart. How about you? 



What energies will you give this week to the things in your life that make for true “Peace?” 

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