Grateful for This Good Day

journal with a pen beside it and a fern leaf to accompany blog post from New Hope Presbyterian Church in Castle Rock, CO

The last post of the People of Hope blog is about gratitude. Gratitude is not the goal of spirituality; it is the beginning. Gratitude is the practice that opens the door to all future growth. The more gratitude is practiced, the capacity for gratitude is expanded.


Gratitude can seem hard, at first. It can feel forced or artificial. Yet over time, we realize the work of gratitude is not about manufacturing reasons or feelings. Ultimately, gratitude is the practice of seeing what is already there.


The words of David Steindl-Rast have been the basis for several videos. This version is my favorite and I hope you can take five minutes to watch and savor it.


The Gift of Today Video


I am grateful for the gift of this last year and the chance to explore together what it means to be the People of Hope. My prayer is that your life will be full of “Good Days.”



What are the gifts of this day?


Note: This will be the last post for the People of Hope blog. It has been a joy to communicate on this kind of platform and I am grateful to you for being part of it. Thank you!  


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