Habits are Boring

Habits Are Boring! 


Whenever I mention "Habits" of Hope or the "Practice" of Prayer, someone is bound to say, "I don't want my faith to be mechanical or mindless!" 


I get it. Habits and practices can be boring and joyless- words we don’t want to associate with Faith! 


Just ask any child learning to play the piano, hit a ball, or write well. 

Anyone who has tried to learn to type, dance, or cook will tell you the same: 

Practicing and developing habits can be dull and even restrict our enjoyment of these activities. 


Or they can be the key that opens new possibilities. 


Somewhere along the way, a corner is turned. 

That which was an obstacle, becomes the path to joy. 

Repetition isn't a rut if it leads to something fresh. 

Habits and practices don’t constrain faith, they become means of liberation. 


Put these things into practice, devote yourself to them, so that all may see your progress. 

1 Timothy 4:15 



What practices and habits that once seemed burdensome, now enhance your life? 

What part of your faith would be enhanced if you had the appropriate habits and practices? 

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