Have You Prayed Any Dangerous Prayers, Lately?

There are prayers we pray because we are supposed to: Table Grace, Bedtime Prayers, the Lord's Prayer in worship. They are nice, but no one expects much to happen one way or another. These are Safe Prayers. 


Other prayers erupt out of our soul like a volcano: prayers of desperation and heartache. The emotion is honest and raw, and we know what we want to change. These are Authentic Prayers.  


Then there are Dangerous Prayers; Open-ended and offered without a clue about the outcome:  


Here am I, send me 

Give what you command and command what you will.  

Not my will, but Your will be done 

Make me an instrument of your peace.  


They aren’t safe, and we’re not really sure we mean them. Dangerous Prayers are a little like lighting the fuse of an unknown firework. We do it as much out of curiosity as piety; We’re bored with always being safe and dying to see what might happen. Often, what happens is Life. That might not be comfortable, but comfort isn’t really the point, is it?  



When was the last time you prayed a Dangerous Prayer?

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