Here We Go

It's December and the preparations for Christmas are legion. 

Buying and wrapping gifts. 

Card and Newsletters. 

Special meals, programs, and gatherings. 

Decorating the house- inside and out. 

You get the idea. 


These all focus on the externals of Christmas. They aren’t bad, but they can sure be exhausting. Their goal is to create wonder and joy, but a purely External Christmas can leave us feeling frazzled, duped- even resentful. 


How many times have you promised yourself, "Next year is going to be different!"? How's that going? 


Wouldn't it be nice if there were something that nurtured the inward part of your life? 

It’s called Advent. 


Advent means "Coming or Arrival" It is a time to prepare for Christmas to "Arrive" within us. You don't have to wait until “next year.” There are things you can do this week. Our website has some suggestions. 


You don't have to give up on External Christmas activities.  People of Hope don’t give up wrapping gifts at Christmas, but they work to be make sure one of the gifts they open on Christmas is Christ born in them, again.  



What are you doing to nurture your soul this week? 

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