Honest Prayer

Woman in bed with brown hair against a white sheet to accompany a blog post from New Hope Presbyterian Church in Castle Rock, CO


It’s morning, Jesus.

It’s morning,

 and here’s that light and sound all over again.

I’ve got to move fast…

Get in the bathroom, wash up,

grab a bite to eat and run some more.

I just don’t feel like it, Lord.

What I really want to do is get back in bed,

pull up the covers, and sleep.

All I seem to want today is the big sleep,

and here I’ve got to run all over again.

Where am I running?

You know these things I can’t understand.

It’s not that I need to have you tell me.

What counts most is just

that somebody knows and it’s you.

That helps a lot.

So I’ll follow along, okay?

But lead, Lord.

Now I’ve got to run.

Are you running with me, Jesus?

Malcolm Boyd


The first time I heard this prayer I was in my teens. It changed my understanding of prayer and the way I approached it- even now.


When we imagine God is impressed by flowery language and perfect punctuation, we make prayer too difficult. To discover all God really wants is an open and honest heart, is itself, an answer to prayer.



What is the prayer of your heart, today?

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