Indifference & Spirituality

a bible on a wood floor to accompany a blog post from New Hope Presbyterian Church in Castle Rock, CO


“Indifference to the sublime wonder of living is the root of sin.”

Abraham Heschel, The Role of Religion


One notion of being spiritual is to be other-worldly. This has been the predominant philosophy of our world, and the results have been predictably dysfunctional. When it is done in the name of religion, it can be disastrous.


An artificially divided universe is a split between the "Sacred" and the "Secular." Sacred is "up there" with God. Everything else is "Secular" and "down-here." Value is determined by proximity to God. Those close are important. Further away? Not so much. The Sacred gets our attention, the Secular, our scorn. The less important become commodities to be used by the "Chosen Ones." Every oppression, abuse of power, and genocide is justified on these grounds.


If the central issue is an Illusion, then that critical need is Awakening. It is harder to dismiss something (or someone) once you awaken to their wonder. Indifference is difficult when you realize you are on Holy Ground. 



What helps you stay awake to the Sacred wonder all around you?

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