Inventing Christmas

Some people get offended when I say, "We invented Christmas." 

Hear me out. 


I don’t mean that we invented Jesus' birth. Jesus’ birth is a given. "Christmas" is a different matter. Christmas is the holiday that uses the occasion of the birth of Jesus to address our deepest hopes and longing.  


Stars on trees, special cookies and singing Silent Night are all part of what we have created, and they say far more about us then they do about the One born to Mary. That is not a knock on Christmas. Christmas- and all its trappings, is an invitation to pay attention to what we do- and why.  


When we understand why we celebrate the way we do, the Good News of Jesus' birth takes on fresh meaning and power. Jesus’ birth becomes an invitation for a new birth in us.  


We invented Christmas and if we are open to it, Christmas can reinvent us each year, too.  



What is waiting to be reinvented in you this season? 

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