One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving is leftovers. 

The benefits go far beyond the effects on my taste buds.  

Leftover pie reminds me of the original meal and with whom it was shared.  

The aromas of reheated turkey may take my back to the holidays of the distant past, and the deep sentiments long forgotten.  

Savoring leftovers has a way of multiplying joy.  


Gratitude works the same way. 

When I call to mind a past blessing, it is no longer just in the past. 

I savor the act of kindness anew, and well as the person who offered it. From the specific act, it is an easy step to appreciating all the ways that person has blessed me. It doesn't stop there. Before long, I find myself grateful for the many people in my life who continue to bless me.  


Simple gratitude, like humble leftovers turn a simple memory into a feast. 



What past kindness will you savor today? 

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