MLK: What Are We Doing for Others?

Martin Luther King, Junior to accompany blog post from New Hope, a church in Castle Rock, CO

"Life's most persistent and urgent question is,

'What are you doing for others?'' 

Martin Luther King Jr. 


This is one of my favorite quotes from Martin Luther King Jr. (over the next week, I will reflect on several) and when I am at my best, I even believe it. The trouble is I am not always at my best, so I often add a hidden asterisk ("*after I get what I want.") 


There is a place of course to ponder,  

“What do I want from Life?” 


Sometimes the answers are specific (a job, car, vacation) and sometimes more general (meaning, love, purpose.) It’s good to know what we want and from time to time, to assess how we are doing.  


Then there is the question, 

“What does Life want from me?" 


More than how you are “doing,” this question can reveal who we are “becoming.” 


The two questions aren’t necessarily at odds with one another. While not always the same, Jesus invites us to see how at their deepest levels, the answer to “what I want from Life” and “what does Life/God want from me?” are somehow linked.  



What do you sense Life (or God) is wanting from you right now? 

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