Picture of a colorful cross to accompany a blog post from New Hope Presbyterian Church in Castle Rock, CO

It was one of those “moments” in worship, completely unplanned and unmistakably holy.  A two-year-old was being baptized, that was proceeding as planned, until the end. I knelt to give her the blessing at eye level.  


"May the full height, depth and breadth of God's love dwell richly in you now and forever." 


Her response: “OK.”  


We laughed because it was cute, but her answer also demanded our attention. It was both simple and profound. 


When something in worship happens or is said that we affirm, the formal, adult response is often, “Amen.” It’s meaning varies from “I agree,” to “So be it,” to “I’m in.” It is a way of giving our consent to what we pray for, hope for, or believe to be true.  


Grace is one of those things. Libraries are full of books trying to explain it. Preachers get blue in the face encouraging people to live it.  How do we respond to the mysteries of God’s love? That day, a two-year-old showed the way.  





Where is God’s love waiting for your “OK”? 


Note: This blog is going to “pause” while I am on vacation. It will resume on Tuesday, February 1.  

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