Pumpkin Lattes in May?

Tan latte with white heart design on a brown wood table to accompany blog post from New Hope Presbyterian Church in Castle Rock, CO



To everything, there is a season.

There is a time for every matter under heaven.

Ecclesiastes 3:1


Wisdom understands the season and then tends to the work required. It may not be the season desired or expected, but it is the one that is here.


If you want to live well, Wisdom says, “Pay Attention.”


Seasons change; Sometimes quickly.


On the Front Range, a day of heat is followed by a snowstorm. One requires extra water for a thirsty garden. The next demands freeing trees from heavy spring snow. Some days call for cold drinks. Others inspire hot beverages with pumpkin spice.


As with Nature, so with Life.


There are seasons of

...Sorrow and Joy

...Letting Go and Grabbing Hold

...Giving and Receiving

...Contemplation and Action

...Bearing Down and Easing Up

...Talking and Listening

...Preparation and Celebration


We don’t get to choose the seasons of Life any more than we do the seasons of Nature. The only real choice is what we will do with the season we have been given.


What is today's work, for you?

Is this a day for Iced Tea or Pumpkin Latte?



What season are you in, and what is required to live wisely today?

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