Reckless Faith

dark cross with mountains in the background


I love the recklessness of faith. First, you leap, then you grow wings.

William Sloan Coffin


It’s risky, this “Faith” thing.


·      To entrust yourself to a Deity that might not exist.

·      To forgive when vengeance is justified.

·      To give, with no prospect of a return

·      To care for those who cannot care back

·      To serve those who do not deserve your efforts

·      To die to your Self, in the hope that your True Self might appear.


More than risky, it is reckless. A practical person would put such notions aside, play it safe, and get on with their life.


And yet, there is…

·      That persistent voice that beckons us to the Unknown.  

·      The way our heart is stirred when it hears the invitation to “Follow me.”

·      A nagging thought that perhaps the most reckless thing, after all, is to play it safe and stay where we are.



What is the riskiest thing Faith is asking you to do today?  

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