Resolutions or Questions?


Some people make new resolutions each year. If that works for you, read no further. Happy New Year!


Instead of resolutions, I find it helpful to craft evocative questions. Questions rumble in my brain and won’t let me go. Resolutions have the feeling of finality. Evocative questions open me up to new possibilities.


The brain is a problem-solving organ. Even when I am not consciously working on them, questions are working in me. Here are four questions that shape People of Hope.  


Here are four that shape People of Hope:


·        With whom do you gather to nurture your soul?

·        What is your practice of prayer?

·        Where are you serving the needs of the world from the gifts of God?

·        What do you next need to learn?


If you want a better 2022, you might begin with some good questions!



Which of the four questions above spark something new in you?

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