Service Changes Things Part 2

If it wasn’t the Tree of Life, the symbol for "People of Hope" would be a three-legged stool. Service would be the seat.  


There are four practices for People of Hope: Gather, Pray, Learn, and Serve.  

All are important on their own, but all are enhanced by their connection to Service.  

It is Service (both the acts and the mindset) that integrates and holds them all together.  



Changes the nature of our gathering- and even the people with whom we Gather. 

Changes the focus, content, and urgency of our Prayer. 

Changes how we see the world and dictates what we next need to Learn. 


By themselves, the habits of Gathering, Praying & Learning are essential but disjointed. By themselves, they can even become weaponized and cause division.  


Through Service, these sticks become legs; they become part of a greater whole. Gathering, Praying, and Learning find new meaning and purpose through Serving.  


If you want to bring more depth, meaning, consistency, and joy to your life, develop the mindset and acts of Service 



How might the mindset and acts of Service organize and integrate your life today?

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