With enough distance, storms look different. 


From the International Space Station, even the largest hurricanes look serene. The same is true on earth. The worst storms affect the oceans to almost 300 ft. After that, the sea remains largely undisturbed. Looking up at the surface, a storm is raging.  From down below, the deeper currents prevail. It’s the same ocean but experienced from different depths.  


We have been going through a lot of storms lately: Fire, Snow, Viral, Social, and Political. 


The promise of solitude is not to ignore the storms of life. They are real and in their wake is destruction. The hope is not to hide from them but experience them at different depths. Solitude and contemplation invite us to experience storms from that deeper reality- a place where nothing separates us from the loving, sure presence of God’s peace. 



What practices give you perspective or help you work from the deeper experiences of God’s peace? 

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