People of Hope

These posts explore how invitations to Hope show up and how you can respond.

To be “set apart” for the purposes of God means to be fully alive and fully available for a life of love, compassion, mercy, and grace. We say “no” to the smaller concerns of ego so we can say “yes’ to the Big Life of God. 

Life has seasons and like the seasons of nature, the seasons of life choose us more than they are chosen. The wise person understands the season they are in, and the work required.  


It was one of those “moments” in worship, completely unplanned and unmistakably holy.  A two-year-old was being baptized, that was proceeding as planned, until the end. I knelt to give her the blessing at eye level.  

Where are you working to convince people that you are something you are not? What’s the cost?