The Big Hope of Christmas

Hope is a part of the season, and our lists are long. We hope… 

~ To get the right gift for everyone…and stay within the budget while we do 

~ For a white Christmas...but not too much snow!  

~ To get all our extra tasks done...and still be filled with peace and joy.  


Personal hopes aren't bad, but there must be more. Advent invites us to recognize our smaller hopes, and then keep going. When we fail to grasp the Big Hope of God, our smaller hopes consume us and eventually disappoint.   


Advent Hope... 

~ Begins with gifts for loved ones, and then invites us to imagine everyone knowing they are loved and having what they need. 

~ Begins with joy for friends and family, and then works for the joy and fellowship of all- enemies included.  

~ Longs for personal renewal, and then prays the Peace of Christ for all the earth. 


Our problems are not we have too many hopes this time of year, but they may be too small.  Without the Big Hope of God, Christmas exhausts us. When our smaller hopes help us embrace Advent Hope, the season gets bigger and brighter. So do we.  



How will the Big Hope of God captivate you, today? 

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