The Choice to Learn Part 2

Learning anything important requires humility and courage. Ask any couple married more than a month (or anyone raising a child for more than a day!) Becoming a Person of Hope seems simple enough—until you actually try it.  


The path to Compassion, Forgiveness, Love & Generosity is steep and difficult. Before we get it right, we will surely get it wrong. We will stumble, feel foolish and want to give up. The decision to follow Christ is also a choice for the humility to fail, and courage to try again. And again.  


Notice how many times Jesus' disciples got it wrong. They failed spectacularly and look like fools- often. Yet Jesus never gave up on them, and that gave them the courage to keep at it. The world is a different place because of them and the example they set.  


Becoming a follower of Jesus (Person of Hope) is not easy, and there are many occasions for feeling inadequate. Yet the true test of a Person of Hope is not in the successes or failures in following, but in developing the courage and humility needed to keep learning, anyway.   



What is a lesson in life at which you keep failing, but is worth trying again, anyway? How are humility and courage at work along the way?

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