The Lessons of Life

When we learn from classes and books, we may get knowledge, but when we learn from life, the result is wisdom. Books and classes can be helpful, but they can also be a distraction from the lessons life is trying to teach us.  


Close friends can help reflect the lessons of our life. A good counselor can do the same. I use both, plus a daily practice of ending each day with three great questions.*  


  1. Where was Grace revealed TO me? What can be celebrated and savored? What were the unexpected moments?  
  2. What did Grace reveal IN me? What were the things the energized or deadened me? What is still ‘rumbling’? What was my part in all this? 
  3. What might Grace reveal THROUGH me tomorrow? How does tomorrow need me to ‘show up’? Where will I need God’s help?  


For People of Hope, the most important lessons of our lives our found in our life. It doesn’t require registering for a class, just finding ways  to be mindful of the lessons already around you. If we pay attention there, the rest makes sense. If we don't, the rest won't matter. 


*Don’t be fooled by how simple they seem! They are part of our Daily G.R.A.C.E. and are explained more in videos like this.



What lesson is Life trying to teach you today?

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