The Spirituality of Savoring

It is tempting to think the essence of spirituality is to detach ourselves from our surroundings. I have found the opposite to be true. 


Yes, it helps to start in a quiet place to help with focus, but the point of spirituality is not to take me out of the world, but to help me better connect to it.  


Rather than eliminate the noises around us, listen to then with your full attention. Instead blocking out thoughts (good luck with that!) welcome them. They are trying to get our attention. Why?  


The point is not to silence our surroundings but savor them. Experience them deeply. Let them have their full effect. They are the raw material God uses to engage us. 


When we are fully alive to our world, we are better able to recognize God in it. and be fully available to it. 

Isn't that the point? 



What is going on around you right now? 

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