The Zen of Zoom

It was one of those moments that pointed beyond itself. 


A Zoom meeting that was getting noisy. Besides the talking, background noise kept injecting itself into the discussion. Finally, the moderator announced, "Hold on, I'll hear better if I mute myself." 


I'll hear better if I mute myself. 

The truth of that statement goes beyond online meetings- yes? 


When we don’t find ways to mute ourselves and the noise around us, how much do we miss of… 

...our interactions with others? 

…the nudging of God? 

...not only what is being said, but what isn't? 

...our own thoughts? 

...the rhythms and trajectory of our day? 

...our life? 


One of the Big Questions for People of Hope is, 

What is your practice of prayer that helps you connect with God, others, and yourself?   


If you are looking for one, it might be helpful to begin with something that helps you switch to "mute." 



What helps you mute the noise of your life so you can better hear? 

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