What Does it Mean When Prayers are Answered?

We rejoice when prayers are answered, but we know the journey isn’t over. Answered prayers are not the end; they are a hint of what is to come.


Jesus healed countless sick, fed thousands, and even raised Lazarus from the dead. Each miracle was an answer to someone's prayer, signaling the presence of God in their midst. Yet none of the miracles were permanent. Hunger, sickness, and death returned for all. Answered prayers are provisional glimpses of an Ultimate Reality. They serve as a momentary preview of Christ’s eternity, where wholeness abounds, peace reigns, and sorrow is swallowed up by a Life that even death can’t stop.  


Moses is a good example of prayer, answered and unanswered. He spent 40 years guiding, people towards the Promised Land. Despite his best prayers, he never got there. Yet towards the end of his life, God led him to the top of a mountain and gave him a glimpse of the land his people would eventually inhabit. Answered prayers are like that. We know we haven’t reached the Promised Land, but we can see it from there.



When have you experienced answered prayers: momentary miracles that reveal a greater Reality?  

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