Waiting for Something to Happen



I was walking a labyrinth lately and realized something: I am not good at labyrinths. 


For those that don’t know, a Labyrinth looks like a maze, but without the walls of shrubbery. There are just lines on the ground and you are supposed to walk as if there really were walls. The path takes you (eventually) to the center, and then you walk out again. 


I’m not good at them, which is hard when you are helping to lead this practice and it was your idea. 


I’m not good at Labyrinths when my mind keeps waiting for something to happen. I mean, something IS supposed to happen, right? But nothing does. There I was, taking a couple steps. I just take a couple steps, pivot, take more steps, pivot, and so on.  


Maybe the labyrinth isn’t the problem. Maybe its me. I keep waiting for something to happen, when maybe what Life is waiting for… is me. How about you?  


(Maybe the labyrinth worked, after all!) 



Where is Life waiting for you to “happen,” today?

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