What He Said! (Henri Nouwen and the Joy of God)

One of the daily devotionals I use is from Henri Nouwen*. It’s worth reading- and re-reading. He might as well be describing a Person of Hope!  


People who have come to know the joy of God do not deny the darkness, but they choose not to live in it. They claim that the light that shines in the darkness can be trusted more than the darkness itself and that a little bit of light can dispel a lot of darkness. They point each other to flashes of light here and there, and remind each other that they reveal the hidden but real presence of God. They discover that there are people who heal each other’s wounds, forgive each other’s offenses, share their possessions, foster the spirit of community, celebrate the gifts they have received, and live in constant anticipation of the full manifestation of God’s glory. 


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Who is someone you know who needs this kind of encouragement? Who has done this for you?

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