Everyday Spirituality is about recognizing and responding to the Sacred that is all around us. We believe there is a movement of the Spirit that transcends the things that divide us to deepen our connection with God and one another through contemplative prayer and practices.



Every 2nd & 4th Sunday from 4:00-5:15pm.

Oasis is a time to deepen our connection with God, and explore the sacred in our everyday lives. We gather for thoughtful discussion, contemplative practice and fellowship. This fall we are continuing to meet via Zoom. Watch the Midweek Memo for log-on information or click below to register for our next meeting.

Each session of Oasis is based loosely on a chapter from Becoming Who You Already Are, the second book in the series, Bridges to Contemplative Living.  It is not required that participants read chapters ahead of time, but if desired, copies are available at church for $7. 


Becoming a Person of Hope is not easy. We’ll need partners, encouragement, and a strategy. This is a place for all three. Click to read our "People of Hope" blogs that provide resources to use throughout our week.  

Some other things you can do include: 

~ Pick up a Tree of Life pendant at New Hope. It will be a reminder of the invitation of the future Christ has made possible. You can pick one up on Sunday or at the church office, or email the office with your address and we will mail one to you.  


~ Start a "Journal." Whether it is a traditional type, digital, or even voice memo recording, find some way of noting your key thoughts and questions in a place you can review and reflect on them. 


~ Invitations to Hope: Notice how invitations to Hope show up and how you respond (a Journal helps with this!)

Join Our Team 

If you'd like to become a GEST (Growing in Everyday Spirituality Team) Ministry Faciliator, please click on the button below and send a note.


Daily Prayers

Here are some of our favorite apps for prayers! They can be found wherever you download your apps. 

Pray As You Go is a daily prayer session, ready to be used anywhere and at anytime. Each devotion lasts between 10-13 minutes. It combines music, scripture, and questions for reflection. It offers a peaceful invitation into a sense of God’s presence.  It also offers prayer tools, and a place to save your favorites.  



Centering Prayer is a type of silent prayer which deepens our experience of God’s Presence within us. It can be customized to personal style and tastes. There is a link to Contemplative Outreach which offers guidance in the method and additional resources.


The Examen offers a unique prayer experience tailored to your needs in the moment and guides you through a reflection on your day. Choose an Examen theme that matches your needs or use the scheduled reflection of the day. The Examen prayer is an ancient practice brought into the 21st century with a convenient, yet thorough app.  



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