Our History


The Early Days


From the beginning, New Hope was established as a "frontier outpost" for a community that was still arriving.

Our roots go back to the congregations of Louviers and Sedalia. These congregations started as mission fellowships in the

early 1900's and grew into churches, which were chartered in the 20's and 30's. Louviers was a company town and was

built for the employees and their families by DuPont for the dynamite factory that still remains to this day. Sedalia was a

congregation compiled of area ranchers and townspeople. Their original facilities were washed away in the

Platte River Thompson flood of 1965. Undaunted by adversity, a new facility was built and dedicated in 1966.

New Hope   


After much prayer, dreaming and discussion, the two congregations decided to join forces

and start a new church in Castle Rock. The proceeds from the sale of the two older facilities

was used as seed money to build a new campus. It was a monumentous decision. 

The new congregation was appropriately named "New Hope" and was chartered in

January of 1989.




Much has changedf since the early days of the churches in Sedalia and Louviers, yet the lingering

characteristics of risking and reaching out with the gospel of Jesus Christ pervade this place.  

The memberships, facilities, programs, and staff of New Hope continue to grow as the mission continues to grow.

Our faith and history confirm God has great plans for New Hope and we believe our best days are still ahead.