New Hope Staff

Lisa Womack

Role at New Hope: 

Pastor Russ Kane's Assistant

How Long Have I Been at New Hope?

I have been here for 7 years.

What did I do before I came to New Hope?

I worked at a social service agency, working with refugee's, helping them through animal assisted therapy.

Where I grew up:

 Austin,Texas & Cody, Wyoming


I am married to my amazing husband Michael. 

Where is your favorite spot in Colorado? 

Anywhere on the back of my horse, (we have ridden and seen some beautiful places) also walking with my

2 golden retrievers and kayaking.

What makes you laugh the most?

The funny interaction antics of all my animals.

What is your hidden talent for fun fact about you?

 I performed with the Houston Ballet Company for 4 years. I have also competed and won in various esquestrian sports events as barral racing, competitive trail and endurance.  Currently I am doing foundational agility with Declan.

What I Love About New Hope/What I like the most about what I do:

I love the care, compassion and grace this congregation has not just for each other, but for anyone who

comes to New Hope.