Our Mission Statement


New Hope is a place for new beginnings with God, your family, and yourself. Perhaps New Hope will be a new

beginning for you! You'll notice our church is built around the three components of our mission:


Find a Home ~ "Home is where you are known, accepted, celebrated, safe, and included. Home is more than an address; it is a condition of the heart. Maybe that is why the Bible often uses images of "home" to describe a new renewed or growing relationship with God.

Build a Life ~ New Hope is a place where people build their life with God. Our worship services, classes, small groups, and events are designed to help people follow Jesus and grow into the person God created them to be.

Make a Difference ~ Following Christ is not just about going to church on Sunday mornings. It is about being the church (Jesus’ hands, mouth, heart, and feet) throughout the week. We celebrate when people can say, “I am using the gifts that came from God to make a difference in something that matters to God.”


New Hope Values

We Will...