New Hope's deacon ministry is vibrant and important to our community

and congregation. They have a variety of projects and ministries that show

the heart of New Hope where people come first.

Some of the different ministries that the deacons are involved in are...

Prayer, visitations, phone calling, meals and assistance to the needs of important

events such as baptisms, funerals, staff support, The Help & Hope Center

formally (Douglas County Task Force) .



"With the comfort you have received, comfort others."

2 Corinthians 1:4

Every heart loves and every heart will grieve at some point in life. As humans and

even our pets, we will all face death and experience the death of others.

The Grief Support Ministry helps support the lives of adults and children who have

been shattered by the loss of a loved one.The Ministry seeks to support and companion

individuals rather than trying to "heal" or "get over" the loss. By companioning

participants through their grief, the facilitators help them to find their new normal.



New Hope is one of 11 Presbyterian Churches in the Rocky Mountain Region

that have come together to form a non-profit organization called the

Zimbabwe Mission Partnership (ZMP). This partnership shares the common cause

of relieving the suffering of orphaned children in the rural area of the Murewa

District of Zimbabwe. The financial support raised through New Hope ZMP

has continuously provided funds to feed the children daily, cover school

fees, and provide school supplies.



New Hope is a member of the Loaves & Fishes Coalition of Habitat Metro Denver. 

It is a non-profit Christian housing program that works in partnership with God and

people from all walks of life to build decent, affordable homes. The mission offers members

of New Hope the opportunity to be an active participant in constructing Habitat for

Humanity homes. No construction experience is needed. The Habitat construction

staff never asks someone to do something they are not comfortable doing