Deacon Ministry

The Deacon Ministry at New Hope Presbyterian Church is comprised of individuals devoted to serving, this ministry stands as a beacon of support, offering comfort and assistance to those experiencing sickness or in need of financial aid. Their tireless efforts and nurturing spirit exemplify our commitment to providing essential care and assistance during challenging times.

Pam Applegate

Juli Asbridge


Beth Baravetto

Dee Evilsizer

Sara Fischer

Laura Gaul


Rebeca Harcharik

Carol Johnson

Dave and Lynda Rhodus

Molly Schulz

Linda Shipley

Tom and Janet Vanden Bosch

Looking for Financial Assistance?

For assistance, please contact our Deacon line at 303.660.0057 ext. 150 or



Requests are addressed exclusively by the Deacon ministry, not through the church office. Our congregation provides limited financial aid for local families in immediate crisis, funded through a special offering, subject to available funds. Leave a confidential voice message including your name, contact details, and the nature of your financial need. A Deacon will return your call within 24 hours to discuss your circumstances.