26 January 

10:45 to Noon in the Castle Rock Room Jan 26th ~ Feb16.

Adult Education Class led by Joy Myers-Barklage and Victoria Arnett.

This is an invitation to heal distortions regarding the unconditional 

mercy of God.


26 January 


Oasis is a time to deepen our connection with God and explore the 

sacred in our everyday lives. We gather for contemplative practice,

thoughtful discussion, and fwllowship with a simple meal. Oasis is a

great resource to deepen your connection with God.

29 January 

Interfaith Dialogues with Rabbi Joe Charnes 6:30~8:00

"What One Rabbi Wishes His Christian

Brothers and Sisters Knew About Judaism"

Judaism and Christianity share a common, textual source, but a brief comparison of there theologies often reveals a significant difference in how the two traditions understand their shared textual heritage, and the great themes of life found within it. Please join us for for an introductory lecture series on how both Judaism and Christianity understand the nature of sin and the process of forgiveness; the function of law, faith, and grace; and the notion of righteousness, salvation, Messiah, and God.

31 January 


Age 6 weeks~12yrs. 

There will be games, crafts, bounce houses and more!



& 9 February 

7pm in the Sanctuary

This is an operetta by Gian Carlo Menotti about a crippled boy

and his mother's encounter with the three kings on their way to visit

the Christ child. Their lives are changed as conflicts arise and they

share the experience of a miracle. This short one-hour operetta

is a timeless tale of forgiveness, redemption, and grace.

Admission is free.

12 February 

Area 56 Mission Kits for Denver Rescue Mission 

February 12th: Families from Area 56 will be putting together kits for those experiencing homelessness in Denver. Here is a list of supplies for us to make hygiene kits that we will be collecting. Please bring the items to church Sunday, February 2nd & 9th.

Items needed: Regular Size Items             



Toothpaste & Toothbrushes

Disposable razors

Shaving cream

Bars of wrapped soap

21 February 

Shabbath Service: Friday, 6:00~9:00pm

"More than the Jews have kept the Sabbath, the Sabbath has kept

the Jews." This statement by Achad Ha'am, although somewhat prosaic in form both underlies and proclaims the enduring sanctity and poetic encounter many Jews experience by living a life punctuated wth Sabbath observance. But is this holy Sabbath only for the Jews, or does it contain a broader, more expansive dimension that has relevance for members of other faith communities? 

Please join us for a communal Sabbath study, service, meal, and discussion to experience the depth and breadth of what

Rabbi Abraham Joshua heschel has rightly, and most profoundly,

called our "sanctuary in time". Shalom uvracha (peace & blessing)