15 August

Save the Date!

When you imagine heaven, what instrument do you hear? Accordion? Don't think so. Sackbut? Wrong again

Harp! Especially for us folks who aren't quite sure where they'll be when the roll is called up yonder, we've put togeher a concert of harp music.....

 22 August

Faith Working Through Love

Faith Working Through Love at 10:45

A FREE Online course with a group discussion hosted by Pastor Russ. Watch it at your own pace (total video time is about an hour,) then come and discuss it with others on August 22!

Sign up for this free online course from NT Wright 

 from Udemy

It’s a great way to learn in ther middle of summer!

 29 August

Save the Date!!!

If you know of a neighbor or an organization that would benefit from our helping hands.

Please email Jordan with any project ideas.