Our Mission

New Hope Preschool is a non-profit preschool and is an extension of the Children's Ministry Program of New Hope Presbyterian Church.

We offer hands-on, developmentally appropriate preschool education to children ages 3 and up. With the overall goal

of preparing our young learners for kindergarten and beyond, the children are taught in a loving, faith-based environment,

by state-qualified teachers who strive to meet the unique needs of each child using Howard Gardner's philosophy of

"Multiple Intelligences."  Our curriculum focuses on further strengthening each child's social, emotional, spiritual, cognitive,

and physical development through developmentally appropriate practice. In order to achieve this, children participate in painting,

drawing, creating, pretending, building, listening, talking, climbing, running, singing, dancing, and exploring, just to name a few!

   Our Philosophy

We believe children learn best through guided exploration and play.

We believe children learn best in a structured environment where praise is readily given.

We believe children need movement throughout the day.

We believe children should be able to sing and laugh, talk and listen,

      and be talked to and listened to each day.

We believe parents, teachers, and children are partners in education. 

We believe appropriate behavior is learned through consistent guidance.

We believe in furthering a child's Christian growth through praise songs, worship, and prayer.

We believe a child's preschool experience should be happy, fun, exciting and nurturing.

It is our privilege to care for and teach your child.