The Journey 

Between Pastors

Russ is retiring, now what?

To everything, there is a season...we often use this saying around New Hope when there are significant life transitions. Part of the wisdom is to know which season you are in and then tend to that season's work. Pastor Russ has announced a new season of life for him and his family, which creates a new season for New Hope. On this page, you will find the latest details about this pastoral transition and what's ahead for New Hope.

Could You Be Our Interim Pastor?

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This process often takes between 12-24 months.

1. Pastoral Transition Team

Session along with the church officer nominating committee will gather nominations and then appoint a pastoral transition team.

2. MIF And Job Description

The pastoral transition team will begin their work on the Mission Information Form of New Hope and create an interim pastor job description.

3. MIF Approval

The MIF and job description will be sent to Session and Committee on Ministry to be approved.

4. Job Posting

Once the MIF and Job description is approved, the PTT will post it to the leadership connection job board of the PCUSA, so interim pastors can apply.

5. Interviews

The PTT will begin to receive and sort applications, then begin interviewing candidates.

6. Final Candidate

The PTT will select a final candidate and negotiate terms to be approved by COM and Session.

7. Interim Pastor Hired

The PTT will hire an interim pastor and they will begin their work in late summer.

8. Saying Goodbye

The pastoral transition team along with the congregation will set. aside time to say goodbye to Russ and Lee Ann and thank them for their years of ministry at New Hope.

9. Interim Season

The interim pastor will be trained in transitions and how a congregation navigates them. Their work with us will be around the vision and mission of New Hope and what kind of pastor will fit the vision and mission.

10. Pastor Nominating Committee

A Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) will be formed and begin the process of searching for our next called and installed pastor of New Hope.

11. Congregational Approval

When the PNC decides on their final candidate, they will bring them to the congregation for final approval.

12. The Handoff

Once the pastor candidate is voted on and has accepted the position, a new time of transition will begin. The interim pastor will conclude their work and the newly installed pastor will begin theirs.

Communication Is Key

Communication with the congregation is the most important piece of this whole process. The Pastoral Transition Team (PTT) will do its best to communicate with the congregation through different platforms with transparency in this process.

What Is The Pastoral Transition Team?

Wondering what the responsibilities of the PTT are? Want to know if you would be a good fit for the PTT? All answers can be found in our PTT document.

Pastoral Transition

Team Members

Judy Hodge

Rosemarie Sczepanski

Joe Asbridge

Donna Scott

Dave Shipley

Sallie Callahan




Denver Presbytery

Throughout this process the Comittee on Ministry of the Denver Presbytery will be walking alongside of us to make this transition smooth and in order. If you are the type of person that loves to read policies, then you are in luck! Below you can click the button that will bring you to the COM policy page, and there is a section title: Churches in Transition: Process - Journey Between Pastors. You can find all the helpful documents to help you understand the process of searching for our next called pastor.



As we enter this season of transition, we want to hold to our values as people of hope. That the way in which we engage and grow in our church community is by gathering together, learning together, praying together, and serving together. That is how we continue to grow our spiritual lives.