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This series, from 2018, explored the diversity of experiences, careers, interests, and personalities of members of New Hope. Some would say that these are the "Voices of Hope".

FBI And Faith

Nathan is an FBI SWAT agent and member at New Hope. In this episode we talk about how his faith intersects with his job in multiple ways.

God In The Mountains

Dave has climbed all 7 largest mountains in the world. He discusses how he started this journey and how it brought him closer to God.

Beauty of Preschool

Betsy is the director at New Hope Preschool, she shares the joys of preschool and it's impact on our community.

Love Justly

Jenny started an ethical clothing website, hear her discuss the power of your purchase to change the world!

One Hope Life

Laurie made her passion to help people (and wine) and made it into her career! Hear us discuss One Hope Wine and everything else under the sun!

Being A Pastor

Pastor Russ sits down and discusses his call to ministry and the importance of Easter.

The Art of Hope

Rick is an artist who creates oil paintings of the western landscape and you can find his work at

The Fellowship of the Brew

Mark (founder and owner of Castle Rock Beer Co.) joins us to discuss the history of pubs and beer in America, Europe, and in the church.

A Work in Progress

Lee Stover is a Christian Hip Hop artist who released his first album this year. We talk about what makes good christian music and why his faith calls him to make music.

Growing Pains

Anna and Carolina joins us to talk about faith and doubt and what it's like to be a teenager in 2018.

Going Through Grief

Barb joins us on Voices of Hope to talk about what is helpful and not helpful to do for someone that is going through grief.


Learn more about how Jordan and Justin became friends! Listen in as we talk about our history as well as theology and the church!

March for our Lives

We sit down with New Hope youth Julian, Laura, and Anna to talk about their experience at the March for Our Lives rally in Washington D.C.

Mental Health

EJ and Joy are therapists who attend New Hope, they join us to talk about May as mental health awareness month

Honoring our Veterans

Bob and Dave are veterans who join us to talk about their experiences in service to our country.

13 Reasons Why

Michelle is a therapist who joins us to talk about the Netflix hit show "13 Reasons Why" and what parents should understand about the messages the show gives.

See You Later

David and Christy have been valuable members at New Hope and are on a new adventure moving to Texas. They join us to talk about how they found a home, built a life, and made a difference at New Hope

Talking Race

Ann and Jeanette have bonded over their shared experiences of racism growing up in Mississippi. Listen to their story of how talking about racism helps heal.

Costa Rica Part 1

The Uth mission trip is currently in San Jose, Costa Rica serving the local community. Here is a brief interview of what our students are experiencing!

Costa Rica Part 2

Dave shares his experiences during our Costa Rica mission trip.

Costa Rica Part 3

Camille and Caitlyn share their experiences during the Costa Rica youth mission trip.

Intentional Living

Rob talks to us about his decision to make a life change last year and how that has enriched his life and faith.

The Art of the Unexpected

 Scott talks about his love for art and music.

Belonging at the Table

Craig Broek is the Pastor/Community leader of The Table Community in Denver, he joins us to talk about how his church plant is paving the way for a new way to create community around Christ.

Be Here Now

Nick Rossi our Director of Worship and Arts joins us to talk about how discovering our present moments helps us to gain new perspectives that we did not think were possible!

Getting Along

High School Sophomores Ella Kate and JT join us on the podcast to talk about how they remain friends despite their differences.

Refugee Crisis

Rebeca Harcharik works at Denver Catholic Charities and attends New Hope. She sits down to talk with us about the current refugee crisis and her own experience as a refugee.

*Episode Correction* In the intro it is said that Rebeca came from Argentina, that is incorrect. She was a refugee from El Salvador.


Dan and Kari join us on the podcast this week to talk about what it means to be a Christian and does the Good Samaritan story have anything to do with it?

Loving Those Who Have Lost

Jen and Jeri from New Hope's grief ministry share with us how to care for those who are missing loved ones during this holiday season.

New Hope 30th Birthday Part 1

New Hope turns 30 this month, we will be sitting down with people who were there when it all started. This week we talk to Steve and Judy Barnett on how they found a home, built a life, and made a difference at New Hope.

New Hope 30th Birthday Part 2

New Hope turns 30 this month. Mary Ellen Howard was there when it all happened and raised 3 generations of Howards at New Hope in the process.

New Hope 30th Birthday Part 3

New Hope turns 30 this month! Bill and Cheryl started at Sedalia Presbyterian, got involved with Sunday School and Choir and built their family at New Hope.

Good Goats

Joy and Victoria join us to talk about their new class, Good Goats! What part of your image of God needs healing?


Deanna joins us on the podcast to talk about New Hope's mission with Zimbabwe. Hear about her experience from her travels this past summer!