Scheduling, Tuition, and Hours

Preschool:  (Age 3 by October 1)

9:00am - 1:00pm


                 *4-Day Option:Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday

                       *3-Day Option: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday

                                *2-Day Option: Monday/Tuesday

                                     or Wednesday/Thursday    

Tuition Rates for 2020-2021:

(10 Equal payments)

2 Days: $240/month

3 Days: $290/month

4 Days: $340/month


Pre~K:  (Age 4 by October 1)


9:00am - 1:00pm

*4 day Option: Monday/ Tuesday/ Wednesday/Thursday

*3 days: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday


* New Hope Preschool follows the conventional Douglas County School District calendar, which

includes a one-week Fall Break, a one-week Spring Break, and two weeks off for Christmas.


* Tuition is due the first school day of the month. Acceptable forms of payment include cash or check.

There is also a direct debit option that will be part of the enrollment packet.


* New Hope Preschool offers a 10% sibling discount.