Advent II: The Quest for Peace

This coming Sunday, December 4th, we continue our new series: Advent: A New Hope.


What does true peace look like? Why does it seem harder than ever to find peace? How did Mary find peace when she was told by an angel she would be raising the messiah? Join us Sunday to hear more!




Advent I: A New Hope

November 27

Advent promises the coming of the Christ child, a new hope for the world. Join us as we start this new Star Wars themed series.

Stories of Hope: Stories of the End Part 2

November 20 

Christianity has tried to predict the end of the world for 2,000 is it the end?

Stories of Hope: Stories of the End

November 13 

Christianity has tried to predict the end of the world for 2,000 is it the end?


Advent: A New Hope

What parallels does Star Wars have with the story of Christmas? Alot more than you think! An empire that continues to rule out of cruelty and violence, but yet there is a glimmer of hope found in an unforseen person and place.


Advent 2022

Stories of Hope

Stories carry an enormous amount of emotional weight. What stories move us? What stories tell us of caution? What story are you living? In this series we take a look at the broader story of scripture, the history of the church, and the Israelites.


October 23 - November 20, 2022

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Donald Shrumm

Interim Pastor

Jordan Warntjes

Associate Pastor

I'm Pastor Jordan Warntjes and I've had the joy to serve at New Hope for 7 years. Our congregation is one of the most encouraging and caring groups of people I have encountered in ministry. What I love most about New Hope is their courage to love, seek justice, and to be inclusive to those who have been burned by church. If that resonates with you, then we might be home for you.