Serving Others



New Hope is one of 11 Presbyterian Churches in the Rocky Mountain Region

that have come together to form a non-profit organization called the

Zimbabwe Mission Partnership (ZMP). This partnership shares the common cause

of relieving the suffering of orphaned children in the rural area of the Murewa

District of Zimbabwe. The financial support raised through New Hope ZMP

has continuously provided funds to feed the children daily, cover school

fees, and provide school supplies.



New Hope is a member of the Loaves & Fishes Coalition of Habitat Metro Denver. 

It is a non-profit Christian housing program that works in partnership with God and

people from all walks of life to build decent, affordable homes. The mission offers members

of New Hope the opportunity to be an active participant in constructing Habitat for

Humanity homes. No construction experience is needed. The Habitat construction

staff never asks someone to do something they are not comfortable doing

New Hope's Community Partner Missions

Emergency Shelter
Castle Rock Senior Center
Help & Hope Center (Task Force)
Wellspring Community
Sky Cliff Center
The Crisis Center

New Hope also offers room and facility support to many

groups including...


Alcoholics Anonymous

Boy Scouts

Civil Air Patrol

Girl Scouts

Homeschool organizations

Narcotics Anonymous

Pen Pals

Senior Missions is collecting cards for distribution to area senior living facilities.  Beginning Sunday, 5/2, blank cards, tips and instructions are available on the welcome table in the narthex . Not all recipients may be able to write back, but we encourage you to invite ongoing correspondence. This could be an individual undertaking or

one that your family can work together on. We are deeply grateful to the Wellspring Community for generously providing cards and artwork.