Ralph and Roberta Pippitt visited Zimbabwe in 1997 as they began to enjoy their retirement and travels. After seeing the intense need for children, they created two non-profit organizations, including a ten church partnership to support orphaned children in Zimbabwe. Their faith and dedication has resulted in a locally staffed operation in the Murewa district of Zimbabwe that works to feed, educate, and provide vital medical services to nearly 800 orphans and vulnerable in the community.


We'd love your help to continue to provide hope to these precious children at Heather Chimhoga Orphan Care.



New Hope is a member of the Loaves & Fishes Coalition of Habitat Metro Denver. It is a non-profit Christian housing program that works with God and people from all walks of life to build nice, affordable homes. The mission offers members of New Hope the opportunity to be active participants in constructing Habitat for Humanity homes. No construction experience is needed. The Habitat construction staff never asks someone to do something they are not comfortable doing.

Habitat Spotlight 2022


New Hope partners with several community organizations, including:

 - Douglas County Emergency Shelter
 - Castle Rock Senior Center

 - Help & Hope Center (Task Force)

 - Wellspring Community

 - Sky Cliff Center

 - The Crisis Center

 - CALF (Colorado Agricultural Leadership Foundation)


New Hope also offers room and facility support to many groups, including:

 - Al-Anon

 - Alcoholics Anonymous

 - Boy Scouts

 - Civil Air Patrol

 - Girl Scouts

 - Homeschool organizations