The Arts can be transparent to the Divine in ways where concepts cannot. We attempt to enable an environment that enlivens arts of the past and encourages new creations.


We are made in the image of the creator...we have the same stuff as the one who set the stars to whirling. Creating them, is as natural as breathing. If we look with 'sacred eyes' we will find the presence of God everywhere...even in the most unexpected places. 


We enable a widening variety of musical styles in formational worship.


On the fence? Close to the fence? Can you see the fence? 

The New Hope Choir is accessible. The only audition is … are you breathing?  

(We have folks to help if you aren’t.)  

I’ve heard it all … “oh, you wouldn’t want me to sing” … yes, we do. 

“They said I shouldn’t sing” … yes, you should.  

You have God’s created voice and we can help you let it out. What’s it gonna hurt?  

Choir rehearses Wednesday evenings, 7:00-8:30 pm, in the New Hope sanctuary.  



One-time ensembles

The Other Side
Worship Creation Group